Modular shower heads to customize the shower area.

Diametro35 Wellness is the expression of a new way of conceiving this space, intended as a reign of elegance and modularity. The innate class and timeless style inherent in the collection can be found in the entire concept, which combines design, technology and extreme eclecticism to be tailored to the most diverse needs and styles

Hands free taps to meet the needs of modern living.

Ritmonio expands the Diametro35 range with Diametro35 E-flow. The new touch free tap dedicated to the contract and hospitality world completes the company’s offer with an intelligent solution, which promotes well-being and hygiene by combining them with the incomparable perfection design that distinguishes the iconic Ritmonio series.

A classic that is evolving

Ritmonio presents Diametro35 S, a classic that is evolving. S as smart, simple, surprising, for its ability to retain the captivating features of a style icon, while being conceived as a collection within the reach of a wider audience.

The Ritmonio style “leaves its mark

”: Diametro35 Impronte. Maximum customization to create a bathroom with a unique identity.
A distinctive sign to give expression to the most diverse styles and instill an even more marked identity in the bathroom, making each project unique and highly identifying.

An innovative, aesthetically perfect iconography

Diametro35 Cross stands out with a new, balanced and proportionate design, the result of a careful study of market trends and interior trends, which propose, on the one hand, a return to the richness of the stylistic elements of the past and on the other, prefer geometries clean and linear.

Classic inspiration in a contemporary key

The innate class of Diametro35, inherent in its rigorous forms, finds expression in a product of intrinsic finesse, in which style, luxury and timeless elegance converge

Interpretations of style that are enriched with unique details

A design freedom that extends beyond the taps. From the successful ELEMENTA concept comes the new ELEMENTA for Diametro35 Impronte collection, which allows you to enrich the supports of the new series of accessories with the same aesthetic details and the same finishes as the mixers, creating a fascinating total look effect



Het resultaat van de meest innovatieve produktie methodes.


Ritmonio is een bedrijf bestaande uit twee divisies : De Fabriek die al meer dan 70 jaar veiligheidskleppen produceert in brons, koper aluminium en rvs; en de Bad&Douche divisie die de kranen en accesoires produceert voor de natte ruimte. Door vakmanschap, estetisch onderzoek en specifieke technologische competentie te combineren met ecologische verantwoording worden bij Ritmonio vele mooie en functionele ontwerpen “geboren” die het predikaat “Made in Italy”ten volle verdienen.

Vakmanschap gecombineerd met design en technologische kennis zorgt voor de exclusiueve producten die Ritmonio kenmerken. “Made in Italy” in haar zuiverste vorm. Een grote collectie in functioneel design en ecologisch verantwoord.


A.u.b. vul onderstaand formulier in en u wordt op de hoogte gehouden van onze activiteiten.