Meem Townhouse


Architect: Al Cuadrado Arquitectura
Typology: Hotel

In the heart of Sóller, one of the most charming villages on the island of Mallorca, the Meem Townhouse boutique hotel is a high-level accommodation facility, the result of a recent renovation by the Al Cuadrado Arquitectura studio.

The intention was to make a new place available to guests, away from the noise of the city, where they could feel at home. The result? Seven suites with a fresh, clean and bright design. The predominance of white, the use of marble and wood, high ceilings with exposed beams and skilful plays of natural light give the entire structure a sense of peace and harmony

The innovative style of Ritmonio products proved to be perfect for a boutique hotel of such great refinement; the transversality of the offer and the wide range of finishes available have allowed the designers to freely design the bathroom environments, to enjoy them to the fullest. The multiple solutions with different installation possibilities, such as the built-in unit for bath and shower, have also left ample compositional freedom.

The iconic series of the brand, Diametro35, was once again able to stand out thanks to the Gold finish, inspired by the most precious of metals. A choice that gives the necessary elegance and vitality for the Meem Townhouse suites, in which the refinement of style is a particularly felt component