The Capsule collection with the handle in concrete of the Haptic series, signed by the architect and designer Simone Micheli exclusively for Ritmonio, has been presented in first preview during the recently completed edition of the Milan Design Week.

The sartorial attention to the details, which characterizes both Micheli’s and Ritmonio’s style, has led to the creation of a unique and original concept, based on the use of concrete in the design fittings, which is the company’s strengths.

An innovative approach that highlights Micheli’s personal interpretation of the Haptic handle in concrete, offering a new “aesthetic” key, demonstrating how the “Concrete” concept is becoming more and more trend-setter in the world of interior design.

“The Capsule collection of the Haptic series is elegant, smart, innovative, a fluid but well-defined shape characterized by rigorous and clean features – explains Micheli himself. Functionality and high aesthetic value blend together creating a well-designed product in every detail, a symbol of solidity, essentiality and at the same time it represents the perpetual flow of water that softens the traits, and shapes the material, making the essence iridescent and never static. An avant-garde reinterpretation, that invites to the direct contact, action and exchange. ”

The essential and clean geometry of the lines of the handle enhances the versatility of the concrete, increasing the value of the sensory aspects and the warmth of this material, which is well suited to be sophisticated and elegant, to enrich environments with a sought-after and unusual touch.

The Capsule is very versatile and can be installed in various environments. It finds its perfect position in the locations with a strong home-technology component, but also in projects and hospitality spaces that want to combine essentiality and beauty, ensuring high standards. Concepts perfectly in line with the style of Ritmonio.

A minimal and sought-after capsule collection, expression of the prestige and quality of the Made in Italy and the “passion for the beautiful”, which characterizes Ritmonio’s luxurious lifestyle.