Sustainability: Ritmonio’s commitment to the elimination of plastic

Ritmonio has decided to be at the forefront in reducing the environmental impact caused by the use of single-use plastics and to give tangible demonstrations of corporate responsibility which becomes social responsibility, for the protection of the future of the planet and of the future generations.

The Company has made a real commitment, placing water dispensers for free use in the appropriate refreshment areas, where the staff will be able to fill the reusable bottles in stainless steel – an ecological, recyclable, non-toxic and highly hygienic material, supplied directly by Ritmonio.

This will allow to avoid the use of over 12.000 plastic bottles per year and consequently to reduce the impact of pollution due to the dispersion, accumulation and spillage of plastic products into the environment.
The potability of the water will be guaranteed by scrupulous chemical and microbiological checks, which will be carried out periodically by specialized laboratories, together with regular periodic maintenance of the dispensers.

Ritmonio involved the entire team in its mission, aware of the fact that a “plastic free” world is an ongoing process.
“This is a small big step – the management states – which sees us united, moved by a strong civic sense. The commitment is individual, in the context of a common overall project. A choice we are very proud of, certain that it can make a difference”.

For years the Company has been conducting production in an eco-sustainable perspective, with business processes aimed at ethical production that minimizes the impact on the ecosystem, promoting this behavior as an essential necessity and using materials with low environmental impact, as the stainless steel, for some of the main series of taps.

An attention that is also reflected in the steady analysis and interventions for the improvement of the production system.

In addition to the ISO 14001 certification which guarantees the sustainability and correctness of the Environmental Management, Ritmonio has implemented the ECO program to avoid to waste natural resources, that distinguishes the products of the Bath & Shower division (basin and bidet mixers) for a water flow rate lower than 9 l/min.
This allows the Company to create quality products that are safe for customers, but also and above all to produce in a conscious manner, respecting the territory and the environment.