With Ritmonio, the revolution starts from the wellness space.

Cross the entrance of a world where colors dance in perfect harmony with nature, a place where emotions vibrate intensely and the air is filled with freedom. A world capable of transforming environment and mood.

A new concept of bathroom design, based on versatility, extreme customization and increasingly wider style choices: this is the integrated approach with which Ritmonio presents at the 2024 edition of the Salone del Mobile. A strategic partner for the best residential, contract and hospitality interior projects at an international level.

Careful study, steady research and attention paid to an ever-changing market have led Ritmonio to evolve, continuing to amaze and gain successes. Ritmonio solutions, indeed, represent the highest standards of Made in Italy refinement and are designed for advanced planning, which aims for exclusivity in all aspects. Choosing means redesigning the concept of design itself, opting for smart luxury to functionality and innovation, which responds to the needs of custom design and puts people’s well-being at the centre; without affecting the aesthetic taste, characterizing it each time with an original soul, which dictates the trend.

In this context, the two most important novelties, which represent an opening to new scenarios in which to express personal tastes and preferences, to recognize yourself. A potentially infinite game of connections, combinations and correspondences between different elements, in which the user plays a leading role. A sensorial journey to discover a future where the bathroom becomes a place of self-care, relaxation and harmony with nature, with new standards of excellence for design and functionality.

Keyword? Password? Chromatic revolution. The COLOR PROJECT is based on this, which continues the path of expansion of the Diametro35 brand, synonymous with class, elegance and unmistakable style. In fact, all Diametro35* series can now be customized with the entire NCS color palette, an infinite range of shades and shades, over 2000 colors in glossy and matt versions. Thanks to the availability of the entire color range, the wellness room becomes even more intimate and welcoming, where you can experience unique atmospheres, made of harmonious shades that create a whole of extraordinary charm. In fact, with colour, customization no longer has limits, spaces are able to reinvent themselves and be enriched with new ideas and inspirations. A freedom of choice, that of Ritmonio, which elevates the taps to a haute couture work of art, destined to leave its mark.

Innovative and unconventional choices which are also reflected in the ELEMENTAP concept, in the name of creativity and a stylistic imprint that is impossible to imitate. In addition to the accessories already exisiting in the successful ELEMENTA range – such as shelves, soap holders, rods and supports for towel holders and robe hooks – the revolutionary concept will include the introduction of additional components to make the collection a complete modular system, tailor-made in every detail. The water supply will be integrated with the accessory itself, interacting with them and becoming a support for the rods, with a fluid and multiple functionality; perfect to configure different interior situations with a minimal and modern design, depending on everyone’s needs and desires. Flexible combinations with which to play and dare, to create unique and tailor-made spaces.

* (Diametro35, Diametro35 S, Diametro35 Cross, Diametro35 Elegance, Diametro35 Impronte, Diametro35 Wellness, Diametro35 Wellness Impronte, Elementa, Elementa Impronte Diametro35 E-flow)