Architect: Sferico Architetti
Typology: Residential

The external facade, once plastered, was brought to the rough, showing the vaults, which acted as an architrave to the openings, and showing the old brick and stone walls. The elements that have been replaced, for structural or degradation reasons, have been made visible with the use of steel. The pre-existing vaulted rooms, which did not present significant structural damage, were instead consolidated and the vaults cleaned up in order to bring them in exposed brick, emphasizing the original construction technique of the floors.

The renovation of the “Casa OM” complex, a mid-19th-century farmhouse located in the historic center of Pecetto Torinese (TO), saw the redistribution of the internal spaces, in order to obtain two independent housing units. The firm Sferico Architetti took care of the intervention, which managed all aspects from the renovation of the structure, to the renovation of the systems, up to the arrangement of the facade and exteriors.

Apartment A – 250 sqm:
Entering, you are greeted by a large living room with fireplace, where the recovered brick vault is emphasized by perimeter lighting and a central chandelier of 2 and a half meters in diameter. The kitchen, with dark colors and modern and clean lines, is deliberately opposed with the recovered doors and beams. Even the new doors, whose handles have been designed and made with leather laces and bronze studs, contrast with the rustic style of the original parts of the house.

The redevelopment of the building did not only concern the architectural aspect, but also the energy aspect. The building was completely isolated from the inside, triple glazed windows, a centralized mechanical ventilation system, photovoltaic and solar panels were also installed, which led to an improvement in energy performance, demonstrating how a building can reconcile its historical nature with the most modern housing technologies. This apartment occupies two of the three blocks that compose the farmhouse and it is spread over three floors.

One of the characterizing elements of this apartment is the “staircase block”, which is identified as a monolithic volume in resin. The first floor is spread over two blocks, offset by about one meter from each other. The first block has the master bedroom with walk-in closet and private bathroom; in the second block there is a TV room and a bedroom with en-suite bathroom and private balcony. From this floor, through an iron staircase, customised, you access the attic floor, which has a third bedroom also with bathroom.

The table and furnishings in the dining area have been customized. The sofa with free-standing back cushion offers various compositional solutions. The backrest, if turned towards the armchair, allows you to create a conversation lounge, but if necessary it can be moved to increase seats at the table thanks to a folding mechanism of the wooden bench that overlaps the seat cushion of the sofa.

The kitchen is arranged frontally at the entrance of the apartment and for this reason it was decided to hide the washing area inside a large folding door which, once closed, makes the kitchen as a continuous cupboard. The two iron staircases that connect the floors have also been made to measure and appear as real furnishings, which, integrated with LED strips, create suggestive scenarios. The top floor, with exposed beams, houses the sleeping area which consists of two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.

In this harmony between past and present, Ritmonio’s Diametro35 collection perfectly fits, able to constantly renew itself, with its timeless style. This series was chosen for the bathroom fully reflect the needs of contemporary living, while preserving the charm of the home’s antiquity. Harmonious geometries and trendy designs are in fact the distinctive features of the series, able to make the difference and allow an ever greater personalization of the space dedicated to well-being.