A design freedom that goes beyond the taps.

Ritmonio “leaves its mark” with four exclusive Impronte to give expression to the most diverse styles to the entire bathroom.

Ritmonio plans the evolution of living styles. The Diametro35 series, a symbol of Made in Italy which for over twenty years has assumed a prestigious role in the world of design faucets, decreeing the international success of the company, is the hearth of an ambitious expansion project, which led to the launch of new collections designed to reach different market segments and offer an increasingly diversified and competitive offer. New declinations of an iconic series, whose exclusive design with unrepeatable proportions has become a classic of unparalleled perfection.

Among these, Diametro35 Impronte: a distinctive sign to give expression to the most diverse styles and give an even more marked identity in the bathroom, making each project unique and highly identifying.
Ritmonio’s research, aimed at a greater possibility of customization, arrives at three-dimensional textures, giving shape to a collection that consists of four exclusive imprints, to reinterpret the products with originality: Prisma, Tratto, Rigo, Punto. A new material and tactile dimension for the handles of the mixer, proposed with or without lever, which becomes the absolute main character of the wellness space.

The design freedom offered by the collection extends beyond the taps. The result of a careful study of market trends and the evolution of interior trends, the Ritmonio Impronte are designed to harmonize with all the elements that make up the bathroom space, interpreting stylistic moods in harmony with the most current canons.

ELEMENTA for Diametro35 Impronte allows the supports of the new series of accessories to be enriched with the same aesthetic details and the same finishes as the mixers, creating a fascinating total look effect. The processes can be declined – for example – on the robe or towel rack modules.

The concept can also be found in the Diametro35 Wellness Impronte collection, designed to customize the shower area by creating tailored compositions where you can experience precious moments of relaxation. The modular system by Ritmonio allows you to define the aesthetics of each project in detail by declining the rings of body jets and shower heads with exclusive processes. The versatility of the system also allows you to range between different types of water jets and to change the aeration at will with a few simple gestures, to create exclusive and always new moments of well-being, according to the wishes and needs of the moment.

By combining the textures with the 16 special finishes of the Ritmonio Finishes Selection, the possibilities become endless and allow you to best express your style in creative environments, with a coordinated, precise and characterizing stylistic mood. A real custom furniture program in the name of heterogeneity and individual taste, the result of the know-how, skills and great flexibility that characterize the Company’s approach.