An innovative, aesthetically perfect iconography: Diametro35 Cross by Ritmonio

Ritmonio plans the evolution of living styles. The Diametro35 series, a symbol of Made in Italy which for over twenty years has assumed a prestigious role in the world of design taps, decreeing the international success of the company, is the hearth of an ambitious expansion project, which – during the course of 2021 – will lead to the launch of new collections designed to reach different market segments and offer an increasingly diversified and competitive offer. New declinations of an iconic series, whose exclusive design with unrepeatable proportions has become a classic of unparalleled perfection.

The stylistic developments of Ritmonio in Diametro35 Cross are expressed in an aesthetic combination of great beauty, combining the timeless lines of Diametro35 with the cross shapes of the new handles. Diametro35 Cross stands out with a new, balanced and proportionate design, the result of a careful study of market trends and interior trends, which propose, on the one hand, a return to the richness of the stylistic elements of the past and on the other, prefer geometries clean and linear. The handles embody the spirit of traditional taps, while the proportions derived from Diametro35 ensure fluidity and ergonomics.

Different souls, which together identify a contemporary language and find balance in an innovative, aesthetically perfect iconography: the shape of the controls embodies the spirit of traditional taps, while the proportions derived from Diametro35 ensure fluidity and ergonomics.

A formal harmony that, as always, leaves space for experimentation. The possibilities offered by the sixteen finishes of the Ritmonio Finishes Selection allow you to configure and customize the Diametro35 Cross solutions, which can thus represent the most diverse styles, creating surprising combinations and effects.

Transversal aesthetics, functionality and comfort are the key elements that have guided the development of the collection, a charismatic project that is inscribed in architectural contexts with a strong identity and that finds expression in a wide choice of solutions for all areas of application of the environment. bathroom, from the basin to the shower.