BIG 5 2022

Ritmonio at The BIG 5 Dubai – The international building and construction show


The 43rd edition of The Big 5, one of the most important events for the construction sector in the Middle East, is scheduled at the World Trade Center in Dubai from 5th to 8th December next.

Over 2.000 international exhibitors from 60 countries are expected to present the latest products and set industry trends. Among the protagonists, also Ritmonio, who participates in the event with the Factory Division of the Company.


Dedicated to the production of safety valves and industrial components, is aimed at manufacturing companies in various sectors: from heating to refrigeration, from automotive to components for coffee machines up to plumbing.


What distinguishes Ritmonio’s approach is not only the variety of production, but the connotation of real “solution makers”: the company is able to guarantee complete consultancy, offering co-design services, ad hoc customization and rapid prototyping, to find quickly the solutions that best suit to customer needs.


At PAV 3 BOOTH A112, it is possible to closely know its variety of configurations in the production of safety valves – core business of this Division.


The last news of the Company is a patented valve, named Evolution. Characterized by an innovative flow control device, is also equipped with a mechanical “stop” which avoids the risk of damage and rupture of the internal components, thus not compromising the functioning of the valve itself even in the event of over-screwing during the installation phase. The specific design of Evolution therefore makes it an unfailing device, for a much simpler and safer assembly process.


All Ritmonio’s safety valves are made with raw materials complying with European Directive 2015/863/EU (RoHS3), and can have different uses. Designed to equip devices, such as domestic electric water heaters, Ritmonio valves are made to protect these from internal overpressures and limit the return of water to the supply pipes.


The range of components in copper, brass, aluminium and stainless steel will also be displayed at the booth.


The copper sector is dedicated to pipes and braze-welded parts, designed and manufactured on customer’s drawing. Thanks to a technologically advanced machine park, Ritmonio is able to treat pipes ranging from the simplest to the most complex shape, for multiple uses.


In the brass section, products are obtained with raw materials, certified at European level (UNI EN 12165 CW 617N and UNI EN 12164 CW 614N); hot stamped, processed by transfer or bar-turned machines.

The introduction of state-of-the-art cutting-edge technologies and rigorous quality control procedures in all production processes guarantees products and solutions at the highest levels.


As far as the aluminium and stainless steel sector is concerned, stands out the production of parts deriving from different processes (tube and / or bar), destined for various commercial sectors.


The participation at The BIG 5 Dubai reinforces the important position of Ritmonio in the sector. Thanks to a transversal offer, result of continuous research aimed at proposing innovative products for the use of materials. It is developed according to a “tailor-made” concept, that guarantees services that respond to the different needs of the customer.