All-round design and elegance find the perfect balance in DOT316 Round by Ritmonio.

The bathroom, one of the most functional and important environments both at home and in hospitality contexts, is the place where you take particular care of yourself, the most intimate room, dedicated to well-being.

The needs change rapidly and consequently the design culture evolves. To furnish a bathroom with taste, with attention to functionality and aesthetics, Ritmonio completes the DOT316 range with the DOT316 Round proposals: synonymous with uniqueness and elegance, worked in noble AISI 316L stainless steel, DOT316 Round takes its name from the perfect and harmonious geometries of the circle, archetypal shape, which in this new version is developed in the body and the spout of the tap, for a simply sophisticated bathroom. A great alternative to the straight lines of DOT316, creating a choice for those who love more delicate and sinuous lines.

Round and soft volumes for better usability: DOT316 Round offers solutions with rotative controls that enhance design and pure lines, distinctive of the collection, while maintaining the water-saving features, to meet the needs of all users.

Available in brushed, brushed black and brushed champagne stainless steel, DOT316 Round offers a touch of modernity and a great freedom in planning and designing, for a new definition of style and a new concept of luxury by Ritmonio.

A new balance between shape and functionality responds to new interior design trends and finds its perfect place in current contexts, which it is able to characterize and make uniq