Integrate accessories and wellness spaces with harmony and functionality.

ELEMENTA by Ritmonio is enriched with a new shelf, specifically designed to accomodate the jets of the Diametro35 Wellness project and create ever-changing and original compositions.

Experimentation, contamination, innovation: the design approach proposed by Ritmonio for the bathroom system is based on great freedom of configuration, which goes beyond the taps, where modular elements are combined in the name of heterogeneity and individual taste.

This is the concept behind ELEMENTA, the range of accessories (towel holders, robe hooks, shelves for objects and more) made up of components of various sizes and lengths that can be assembled together to create original and personalized combinations.

The collection now gets wider with a new shelf, a support specifically designed to accommodate the jets of the Diametro35 Wellness project that can be applied in an interchangeable way directly in the shower area. A game of combinations that gives a contamination between accessories and functions typical of wellness areas, aimed at dictating trends in the future of bathroom design.

Placed on the shelf, all the types of Diametro35 Wellness jets will be “at your fingertips”: in this way, a few simple gestures by the user will suffice to vary their installation in their shower according to the wishes and needs of the moment, for an exclusive and never the same wellness experience.

The new shelf is a precious object, which allows you to organize spaces with elegance and minimalism, interpreting styles and needs, respecting the architectural characteristics and the stylistic mood. A versatile solution, in perfect balance between stylistic research and functional attention to comfort.

A versatility that enhances the eclecticism and tailoring, trait d’union of the entire Ritmonio offer: with the integration of ELEMENTA, which can be combined with all the series of taps both for finish and texture, the company’s furnishing program explore new aesthetic languages, open to the design imagination, for compositions of great refinement and bathroom environments coordinated in every detail.