Visibility, positioning, image: the visual identity of Ritmonio display systems conveys the true essence of the brand.

A discreet luxury within the bathroom area and an emotional connection with the objects that form the wellness area create a unique and tailor-made environment, ad hoc for each of us. A design philosophy full of inspiration, the one of Ritmonio, which expresses the true essence of quality bathroom design and an integrated approach that leads to innovative solutions.

Authentic testimonial of Made in Italy in the world, Ritmonio continues its growth by characterizing the brand with a distinctive connotation, which leads it to be chosen by designers, design lovers and interior designers “all over the world”.

Having started with the evolution of the Diametro35 project, the path continues today with a complete restyling of supports and display systems for the showrooms, with a triple objective: to make the identification and perception of the Company coherent in all touchpoints, to consolidate the positioning and enhance the brand’s appeal on the market.

A different and unusual way of presenting itself for a company with more than seventy years of history, aware that international markets are the most exclusive catwalks, where it must not only amaze but provide certainties, innovations, technology and global assistance.

“Our desire to establish ourselves in an even more significant way – says CEO Luca Ritmonio – reflects the metamorphosis of the Company: over the years, Ritmonio has gained a solid perception from all stakeholders. We operate with an identifying and recognizable visual identity, focused on an evolved market where players are increasingly careful in their choices.”

From this valuable asset takes shape a new concept of exhibition system: a layout studied in every single detail. Declined on the product, it is the key of a refined concept, to become a tool to support customers in the sales process.

A small, big revolution. The arrangement of the elements on the panel is based on a common criterion, that of enhancing the peculiarities of the collections as a whole, as well as the individual pieces that compose them, while managing to best communicate the Ritmonio identity. A unique combination of design, ergonomics and functionality, in an expression of excellence.

The strengths and versatility of the countless Ritmonio solutions are brought out to the maximum through a synergistic choice of materials and volumes that characterize the new display systems, creating a harmonious fusion between form and functionality. Combinable with each other, they convey a coordinated image, allowing maximum customization, made possible by the stylistic imprint of the Company’s designers. The visual impact of the corner transmits the same sensations as when looking at a work of art: a thin metal frame, in fact, shapes the atmosphere, framing the product as in a prestigious fashion exhibition.

Emotions within easy reach, therefore: in the displays, the finishes are skilfully combined, the balance between surfaces and colors gives an interesting and original aesthetic and the lighting also plays a key role in obtaining depth and dimension through fascinating plays of light and shadows.

A functional way of thinking, made of combinations in search of a perfect and tailor-made balance; above all capable of communicating with users in an authentic way to offer a real purchasing experience. In this way, they convey furnishing suggestions and thoughtful ideas of aesthetic combinations.