The World's colors

The most powerful source of inspiration? The nature.
Would you ever think that concrete could shine with the colors of the world?
After a consistent chromatic and stylistic study and a steady search made by the company for new techniques for the production of this material, it is born from the concept concrete colours, the project “The colours of the world”, in which the handle in concrete is presented in different colours for the first time, inspired by the suggestions of some natural scenery.
HAPTIC Capsule Collection

The Capsule collection with the handle in concrete of the Haptic series, signed by the architect and designer Simone Micheli exclusively for Ritmonio, has been presented in first preview during the recently completed edition of the Milan Design Week 2017.
An innovative approach that highlights Micheli’s personal interpretation of the Haptic handle in concrete, offering a new “aesthetic” key, demonstrating how the “Concrete” concept is becoming more and more trend-setter in the world of interior design.
HAPTIC Black&White

Opposites attract.
Ritmonio enriches the Haptic collection proposed with the new Black & White finishes. A product that embellishes the most refined environments with unique and unmistakable style
DIAMETRO 35 Black&White

The timeless matching of the Black&White becomes the expression of the minimal and chic style, which characterizes the entire offering of the company, suitable for classy environments.
Sophisticated and glamorous design suggestions that meet the latest trends of luxury with a strong visual identity.

The result of the most innovative production solutions


Ritmonio is a company characterised by two souls: the Factory division, dedicated since over 60 years to the production of safety valves, brass, stainless steel, aluminium and copper components; the Bath & Shower division, dedicated to the planning and production of faucets and accessories for the bath area.

By combining craftmanship, aesthetical research and specific technological competences, Ritmonio gives birth to exclusive products, entirely and genuinely “Made in Italy”, which are capable to answer a broad variety of functional needs and as well as care about the environment.


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