Architect: CO. ARCH STUDIO
Typology: Residential

Common purposes that led to the choice of the Diametro35 taps for the bathroom of the house: the bold black finish, the ergonomics and the Ritmonio design style fits perfectly the careful approach of co.arch studio, in the name of one very current style, which leaves no detail to chance.

A free stylistic imprint, identified by the continuous search for creative architectural solutions, which have a positive impact on the life of those who live in the spaces, improving people’s daily lives. This is the heart of the professional activity of co.arch studio – an advanced architecture hub founded in 2012 by Andrea Pezzoli and Giulia Urciuoli – which led the renovation of a Milanese apartment owned by a young family with two children.

The client requested to re-think the interiors, without distorting the original structure of the apartment, recovering space and wardrobes in an elegant way. A formal and functional redesign of opening, which gives a clear Mediterranean imprint to convey a sunny character to the entire home.