Diane de Sédouy


Architect: Diane de Sédouy
Typology: Residential

Located in the historic heart of Paris, in a magnificent 18th century building, this 200 square meters apartment needed a major renovation both in terms of layout and systems.

An important design challenge that the interior design studio Diane de Sédouy has been able to interpret at its best through accurate and meticulous work. The goal? To optimize volumes, spaces and light to recreate a representative apartment according to the greatest eighteenth-century French tradition.

The predominant style of the entire apartment mixes elegant modernity with delicate tradition and gives life to an exceptional place, in which the formal rhythm is made of color and careful choice of materials and the refined allure is manifested with furnishings and components designed and created to measure to fully respond to the desires and tastes of the client.

Starting from the entrance, characterized by soft arches that soften the long corridor, by a floor in Caen limestone and cabochons in blue stone from Hainaut and by the presence of a large mirror, which reflects the brightness and broadens the gaze, for a greater feeling of well-being.

To continue with the generously sized kitchen, which has become the hub of the home, suitable for welcoming family and friends. Located in the center of the apartment, with a contemporary taste, the space combines innovative materials and appliances with more classic element

All the details have been studied as decorative touches, to create warm contrasts in shades of green, grey, pink for a very “Parisian” harmony and cosy elegance: from the table to the chandelier, to the lower parts of the window frames where there are elongated bench-like seats, made specifically to act as radiator covers.

Symmetries, games of openings and colors also in the living/library area. Here the atmosphere is intimate, cozy, with soft and warm tones, with a slightly retro character. We then move on to the study and the sleeping area: since the bed in one of the rooms is visible from the living room, its headboard has become a decorative element in itself, which integrates with the style of the rest of the apartment.

Three bathrooms, which thanks to Ritmonio solutions in stainless steel in Champagne finish become among the most functional and important rooms of the house, real relaxation rooms. Diametro35 Inox, in fact, guarantees not only the aesthetic pleasure of the iconic series from the brand, an icon of Made in Italy in the world, but also high hygiene standards.

Fundamental characteristics in the design choice process, which conceives the taps as a determining factor of the interior scenario, as well as a precious jewel that is the object of significant attention by the designers and the property.

Stainless steel is therefore a guarantee of quality, which Ritmonio has been able to translate by perfectly synthesizing design, function and an unmistakable design.