FD House


Architect: Carla Vieira
Typology: Residential

FD House stands out for a direct and continuous dialogue of indoor and outdoor, well represented by the swimming pool that develops between the two areas, as well as by the patio – where a palm tree has been planted, an element that recalls the surrounding scenery, perfectly inscribing the construction in the natural context in which it is located.

Located in the eastern quadrant of the island of Madeira, the newly built single-family house FD House is developed entirely on a single floor. Arch. Carla Vieira, who was responsible for the design of the building and interior design, accepted the input received from the client: being able to live the “home” space in a new way, combining design and comfort.

The search of appropriate taps and in line with this project, was focused on finding a solution that could reflect the bold style of the home, while ensuring maximum ease of use for the owners. It was with Ritmonio that the ideal taps were found for this project, the Haptic series in brushed black chrome finish, it was the best combination for a harmonious composition with the coatings and the environment itself.