Architect: BLOCK722
Typology: Residential

The same wooden structure also acts as a railing and protection of the veranda; the plastered surfaces created by hand reflect the key colours and materials of the interiors and are perfectly in harmony with the surrounding landscape.

Block722 based in Athens took care of the conversion of a pre-existing concrete building into a luxury private residence in the heart of Kifisia, a sought-after district of the Greek capital. The façade is based on a game of regular geometric shapes: the architecture studio has conceived a sort of alternating “grid” of opaque and transparent sections, obtained by alternating wood, dark plaster and large glass surfaces instead of masonry

Simple geometries and precious finishes, with a great visual impact. Once again, Ritmonio proves to be the ideal partner in cutting-edge design, where it is essential to dispose of customizable solutions, able to fit into a valuable context like this and enriching it, focusing on well-being.

A combination of travertine, marble and wood characterize the most distinctive elements of the furniture, such as the washbasins in the bathroom, designed and custom made for the project. The choice of taps enhance even more the elegance and the personality of the project.
Diametro35 by Ritmonio, a timeless icon, defines the most important spaces in homes – bathroom and kitchen – underlining their strong and refined style.