Architect: Arch. Martina Vezzoni e Arch. Paolo Buffa
Typology: Hotels

The aim of the project was to create three modern and flexible bedrooms with private bathrooms, intended for tourism and hospitality. The definition of the concept started from the recovery of the original green grit floor existing in the apartment, which led to design choices that could harmonize with it, thanks to the use of simple materials such as some wooden elements, honey oak, details in Carrara marble and white lacquered metal.

Another distinctive element of the project are the bathrooms, characterized by the covering with rectangular white tiles laid creating a geometric design. A winning choice is for the taps: the Diametro35 series by Ritmonio, a classic capable of constantly renewing itself character and avant-garde style, fully reflecting the needs of contemporary hospitality. Harmonious geometries and trendy designs are the distinctive features of the series, guests will be able to enjoy a new aesthetic and functional experience.