Architect: Agence Véronique Cotrel
Typology: Residential

The heart of the project is the configuration of the kitchen: open space and overlooking the main living room. A choice made to allow the owners to enjoy the wonderful view of the square on which the apartment overlooks. However, in order to protect the privacy of the family in the living area, a small custom-made recess was designed, which houses a decorative and functional niche.

Interior architect Véronique Cotrel was responsible for the refurbishment and modernization of a prestigious residential apartment located in Paris, in the heart of the XVI arrondissement. The layout of the spaces, untouched for some time, no longer satisfied the owners’ changing needs of modern living.

As often happens in Haussmann-style apartments, the sleeping area can be accessed via a long corridor. The corridor itself was subjected to renovation to make it more practical, usable and to improve its aesthetics: custom-made containment modules have been inserted and wallpaper with tropical motifs has been applied.

This area of the house is then divided into a bathroom with shower and a guest bedroom and with the master bedroom suite for the hosts. Diametro35 series by Ritmonio, in stainless steel, perfectly satisfied the designers ‘need to find a solution that would fit into the overall style of the home and that would respond to the owners’ request to combine design and functionality.