Technological design and sustainability

Ritmonio interprets the evolution of living styles and makes the daily relationship with water the determining factor of contemporary well-being.

For Ritmonio, sustainability is a fundamental value. He demonstrates this with a concrete commitment to “building beauty” through the proposal of furnishing solutions that go beyond design and which – for more than 70 years – have told the story of those who know how to interpret the evolution of living styles and make the relationship everyday life with water – one of the most precious natural assets – the determining factor of contemporary living well-being.

A “sustainable” business ethic, therefore, carried out in the Valsesia area (where Ritmonio was born and still operates), cultivating a unique and distinctive know-how with dedication and passion. Impeccable design, refinement of the production process and a natural propensity for sustainability are the pillars of this work.

“Strengthened by the drive for change that distinguishes us, our goal is to respect the wishes of a consumer who is increasingly sensitive and attentive to the protection of the Planet – declares Luca Ritmonio, CEO of the Company -. We want to offer a quality product Made in Italy, which is also able to tell our attention to the environment and to a conscious use of water resources”.

Contributing to a more efficient use of resources is one of the goals of the entire design tapware sector. A mission fully shared by Ritmonio, which qualifies as one of the main players in this sense.

On the market, in fact, the demand for advanced products continues to grow, capable of combining sophisticated aesthetics with optimal performance. Ritmonio promptly responds to this need: for some time now, it has been aiming for a production that minimizes the impact on the ecosystem, with products designed with respect for the environment, which avoid waste and reduce consumption.

This becomes concrete with a constant analysis and optimization of production and technological processes. In fact, Ritmonio implements an environmental management system compliant with the ISO 14001:2015 standard – which guarantees its sustainability and correctness – to transform these best practices into concrete business opportunities.

The tangible demonstrations of responsibility and coherence can also be found in the use of materials and production processes that involve the use of substances that respect health and the environment. The galvanic department is equipped with innovative recovery technologies, able not only to make energy consumption more waste. Through an internal purification system, the water used during production is revalued and recirculated again. Furthermore, 90% of the waste produced is reprocessed and destined for recovery activities, for a circular economy. efficient and to reuse water, eliminating process

The Company has implemented the ECO program for the products of the Bath&Shower division (basin and bidet mixers) which are distinguished by a water flow rate of less than 9 l/min*, while guaranteeing maximum comfort of use for the user. Furthermore, the ECO PLUS technology regulates the delivery of hot water according to actual needs: when the control is in the central position, only cold water comes out and never pre-mixed. In this way, unnecessary switching on of the heating systems is avoided, with consequent energy savings.

“I personally care a lot about this aspect – concludes Luca Ritmonio -. For us, sustainability is an indispensable element for building valuable relationships with customers and partners. We want to continue to be an entrepreneurial reality to look to for more informed choices, with solutions that take care of our future”.