THE BIG 5 2018

Ritmonio at The BIG 5 Dubai – The international building and construction show

Ritmonio was the protagonist at The BIG 5 Dubai, the most important Middle East event dedicated to all construction industry players.

In particular, the Factory Division of the company has been present. It is distinguished by the variety of configurations offered in the production of safety valves and customer-designed industrial components. In the dedicated space, it was possible closely see the range of products in the sector of safety valves and that of copper, brass, aluminum and stainless steel components.

For the occasion, the safety valve compartment it was very important: made with raw materials complying with European Directive 2011/65 / EC (RoHS2), Ritmonio valves can have different uses. Designed to equip devices, such as domestic electric water heaters, Ritmonio valves are made to protect these from internal overpressures and limit the return of water to the supply pipes.