Architect: Primavera architettura
Typology: Residential

A 75 sqm apartment in Turin, in the Crocetta area, in which each room hides some surprises inside, which together become strong notes. In particular, the entrance, projected onto the living area, opens the view onto a kitchen with a main island, equipped with constructive and lighting solutions aimed at increasing concentration and depth on the back wall.

C_homfit is a project of the Primavera Architettura atelier with a delicate and at the same time innovative character, tailor-made for an attentive and refined client. The spaces alternate with each other with maximum functionality, maintaining a subtle and minimally invasive allure, made up of care and precision in the details.

It is this balanced vision, based on attention to single detail, that guided the choice of taps towards the Reverso series by Ritmonio. A series characterized by essential shapes, with architectural references, dynamic and versatile. Different finishes (in this case the elegance of chrome was preferred) and possible configurations, all according to the values that have always guided Ritmonio: high quality and refined aesthetics, in the name of fully customizable well-being.

The bathrooms represent areas of comfort and relaxation with accents given by finishes, wallpaper, lighting and sanitary fittings of the highest level. The harmony of the whole environment is given thanks to the choice of a precise color palette, also recalled in the furnishing accessories.