Architect: BE ARCHITEKTUR GMBH, Boris Egli dipl. Architekt FH REG A SIA
Typology: Residential

A modern reinterpretation of the typical construction archetypes of rural barns in the Swiss countryside near Zurich. The key to understand the BE ARCHITEKTUR GMBH project is this, the result is a unique private residence, which discreetly fits into the surrounding landscape and enhances it.

Outside, the facade is covered in fir wood, the roof is pitched, with a tiled roof that recalls the local architecture; the darkening systems and sliding window frames are also made of wood, to offer sun protection and privacy, in harmony.

The original layout of the internal spaces has been respected: the different rooms of the house develop vertically, creating sculptural and interconnected interiors.

Concrete and urban effect for the floor and the plaster of the walls, all in the name of minimalism, for a “raw”, almost unfinished style, in constant dialogue with nature and the essential.

Particularly versatile, the concrete in this case maintains its prerogatives of solidity and resistance, getting shape in a sophisticated and elegant way: a structural material, which is rediscovered as velvety and gentle.

It is following this conscious use of material that the Diametro35 Inox Concrete series by Ritmonio was chosen for the bathroom. A powerful and innovative form of stylistic expression, capable of characterizing contemporary living spaces.

The solution combines the stainless steel body with the cement resin control, creating a furnishing element with a unique and original design.