Saint-Antoine apartment


Architect: Heju Studio
Typology: Residential

A former carpentry workshop, completely renovated and redesigned as an attic duplex: the project by Heju Studio, in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, stands out for an intimate and sophisticated stylistic imprint, in which Ritmonio solutions make the difference.

The lower floor of the apartment is a unique open space. The entrance is discreet and functional; the kitchen contaminates the living room with tailor-made space-saving solutions.

As the particular sculptural staircase that seems to “hang” above the worktop. To give lightness to it, the shape was reduced to the essential, highlighting the void, like a simple cut out sheet of paper. Its rigor and straight lines have an expressive simplicity and an aesthetic with a strong personality.

Upstairs, the sleeping area. The bleached Douglas pine parquet, the light wood wardrobes,

the particular geometry of the rooms contribute to creating a relaxing and “cozy” atmosphere.

There are two bathroom areas: one covered in beige waxed concrete, the other immaculate white.

It is the Reverso taps by Ritmonio that add a surprisingly elegant touch of class to interiors.

The warm and iridescent tones of the Brushed Bronze finish enhance the eclecticism of luxury, marrying with the discreet charm of sobriety.