Architect: Rinaldo Del Nero e Anna Barlascini
Typology: Hotels & Suite Rooms

An immersive space, therefore, capable of regenerating body and spirit, enhancing a healthy lifestyle, in the name of wellness and self-care that also passes through a constant search for “beauty” and which does not ignore architecture holistic, weighted in every detail.

The structure has seen the recent construction of two new suites: the project, directed by the engineer-architect Rinaldo Del Nero, had the aim of improving the reception of guests in an even more comfortable environment, to immediately transmit the feeling of reconnection between man and nature that this privileged access to natural wonders in the heart of Valtellina offers.

The frosted champagne finish of Taormina was chosen because it elegantly recalls the brightness of the wheat fields, fitting perfectly into the mood of the entire room. The wall coverings and organic forms reinforce the concept of “nature within”, capable of reviving the energy of the sun and the serenity of rural life. At nightfall, the space is invaded by silence, shadows, the moon.

The Sun Suite is an explosion of light, with warm, linear, clean wooden surfaces. The frosted champagne finish of the Taormina taps by Ritmonio, in the shower space, enhances the sensations of warmth and brilliance, transforming the shower into an enveloping environment, capable of giving a complete sensory experience for the well-being of users.