Architect: Alfred Studio
Typology: Residential

Alfred Studio has therefore embarked on a “motionless journey” which has led to the renovation of the interior of the house, creating more intimate common spaces, with a precisely defined function, and ensuring the right privacy for parents. To create an atmosphere in line with the couple’s aspirations, an oriental-influenced style was chosen, with natural materials, soft tones and soft lighting. To complete the whole, botanical elements and a wallpaper with a characteristic sakura motif, with cherry blossoms.

The search for calm and serenity. The house as an “oasis”, sheltered from the hustle and bustle, where you can feel good and feel “in your place”. The family of four are owners of the house object of the intervention involved the Alfred Studio to find a design solution to rethink layout and style of your home. The clients’ desire was to renew the spaces to be able to relax and feel positive energies.

The taps that best fit into the design mood was Haptic by Ritmonio, chosen by Alfred Studio in the total white finish. Minimal in effect: the taps thus become the focus of the environment that makes the bathroom a space of pure lightness.

This is especially evident in the entrance – more sheltered and safe from prying eyes – and in the living area, welcoming and comfortable, which acts as a passage to the sleeping area with the bedrooms and bathrooms. Refined and serene, the bathrooms are the places dedicated to well-being par excellence.

Not only products of excellence, but real design suggestions – multifaceted and glamorous – by Ritmonio, where chromatic purity meets the trends of elegant luxury with a strong visual identity.
Transversal products, capable of responding to the most diverse needs of architects, designers and end users, as in this case, offering unique scenarios and special details.

The contemporary design combined with Ritmonio’s wise tradition of “made in Italy” excellence, in fact, guarantees unique products: the particular matt texture, in addition to ensuring excellent technical properties of adhesion and resistance, makes the taps elegant and exclusive.